2011. június 22., szerda

My muffin bon-bonier

Have you heard about Made By You? These are craft studios in few cities, where you can make you own ceramic ware.
It's like a cafe , you go there with your friends (e.g.: I always take my Mum to get together for our regular "Mum-Daughter Day"- ugye egyetlen Ancikám? :-) ). You can choose among many many ceramic bowls, plates, mugs etc. The paint itself works as acryl paint: water soluble, children safe. You paint the ceramics, then you leave it there, and go back few days later for the ready baked bowl. The price includes everything, the chosen ceramics, the paint, the equipment, the glazing and the baking.
This is a muffin bon-bonier, I made last time. How do you like it?

Check these videos to see how it works:


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