2011. június 19., vasárnap

Favorite wedding gift

This is my favorite wedding gift. We got it from my grandmother. She embroidered it. It is a Persian drawn work. My Granny is member of a crafters' group in Szekesfehervar, and her works are often introduced on exhibitions. There are two main types of the old Hungarian motives of needlework. One of them was embroidered with gold and dark red or dark blue threads. These were made for the noble people and for the churches. The poor, young peasant girls sew these clothes/tablecloths in the castles during the long winter. When these young girls went home in springtime to work on the fields, they kept making embroidery in their free time. Although they did not have expensive raw material, they could make it on cheap linen fabrics with linen threads. The colours were less dramatic, usually white and light red.

I would be very happy, if you wrote the history of embroidery and the types of them in your country. Is it similar to the Hungarian?

Have a nice day , Kata

Ez a kedvenc nászajándékom!! A nagymamámtól kaptuk ajándékba. Ő hímezte, perzsa azsúr a motívum. Fehérváron tagja egy hímzőkörnek, és gyakran mutatják be kiállításokon is az alkotásait. Nagyon szép dolgokat készítenek, leginkább úri hímzéseket. De nekem nagyon tetszenek a lenvászonra készített népi hímzések is.

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