2009. június 15., hétfő

Hi Everybody, Welcome to my blog! I haven't decided whether I should write this blog in English or in Hungarian. I think it will depend on the topic. :-) Let me show you some pictures about my first Tilda dolls. I have already made some, so I will upload photos in the following days.

My favourite: bathing ladies: I got them as a Xmas present from my parents.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Ó, hát itt vannak a kis csinos, strandoló leányzók! Őket nekem is feltétlenül meg kell varrnom! :) Puszi Neked LB!

  2. I'm glad this post is in English.... because I'm sorry, but I don't udnerstand Hungarian.
    I have been hopping around on a few blogs... which I thought were maybe written in Russian...but, perhaps they are Hungarian also... ...again...I'm sorry, but I don't know... and first saw this Tilda doll.... she looks like fun.... I will have to check here in town to see if I can find the pattern and some more info about her... I particular like the fat one at the beach.... very cute....