2009. június 21., vasárnap

Ezt a kávékészítőre való kis huzatot/melegítőt ma délután varrtam. Remekül illik az új tejszínes kiöntőhöz, amit pénteken vettem Németországban. Azért örülök neki annyira, mert ezt a márkát (Greengate) évek óta kinéztem magamnak a neten, de sajna itthon nem lehet kapni. Pedig olyan helyes mintájú kis porcelán dolgaik vannak. Semmi extra, a legtöbb csíkos és pöttyös, de pont ezért édes. http://www.greengate.dk/

Snail and pillow. I made the pillow when I was a child. (My Granny helped me.) I gave it to my Mum's 40th birthday. There are 40 apples around the tree.
I painted this old golden frame:

lavendel wings:

I got this vintage angel kit from my boyfriend.
This is my very first Tilda doll: a sewing angel without wings. I made it last year for my Mum. It was a x-mas present. I didn't have enough time to sew her wings.

2009. június 15., hétfő

This will be a quilt. I have never sewn any kind of patchwork. I don't have enough patience.

Here comes my pig!!!! It brings good luck for the whole family.

I made these with my Mom. She gave them to her students.

Hi Everybody, Welcome to my blog! I haven't decided whether I should write this blog in English or in Hungarian. I think it will depend on the topic. :-) Let me show you some pictures about my first Tilda dolls. I have already made some, so I will upload photos in the following days.

My favourite: bathing ladies: I got them as a Xmas present from my parents.